Slot Machines - Have They Changed?

By: George Schmingy
Years ago, when people talked about slot machines in land based casinos, they were referring to the traditional one-armed bandits where you pulled the handle to rotate the wheels. The slot wheels would click to a stop and if you won, the tokens would clink into the tray where you would reinsert them one by one, only to pull the arm again. In todays' casinos, most of these old style slot machines have been replaced with video style displays and you no longer have to pull a handle but merely push a button to rotate the wheels. There are still machines where you can pull the handle if you choose but if you win, there are no tokens paid out, only credits that are recorded on a display to tell you how much you have left. Technology has changed the face of the land based casino and introduced a new digital method of playing slot games online, at home.

I noticed the last time I went to Las Vegas that a lot had changed since I'd been there 12 years earlier. The thing that stood out to me the most was how the services had changed. Years ago a hotel casino would bend over backwards to make everyone feel like a high roller. Complimentary offers were everywhere. Food was cheap. Even washrooms had attendants there to hand you a towel or give you a shine or shave. They wanted you to spend time in their casino and keep coming back. That's all gone now! It seems as though these things are not important to managements anymore. And hey, maybe they're right. People still seem to flock to Las Vegas regardless of these faults. In retrospect it wouldn't stop me from going again, although I can tell you I wouldn't stay in the same hotel again. It took us two days to get the last guests toe nails cleaned up -- and that was a 5 star hotel -- no comps -- nothing. 12 years ago we probably would have received a free night or two or at the very least a nice bottle of wine. These types of incidents may have a lot to do with why many people choose to play slots online.

Today, slot machines aren't as generous as they used to be in most casinos and that is another reason why more and more players are moving to the internet. After all, the slots are similar and players are discovering they can play just as long and have just as much fun online as they can in land based casinos. Furthermore, if they spend their last dime from their home-based internet casino, they don't have to worry about how they're going to get home!

Gamblers are always searching for a strategy or system to win more money and in past years it was typically finding a slot club that rewarded players for their play. Today, the online player can find a lot of rewards and bonuses for their play and this is just one more reason for them to try internet casinos. Players who play slot machines like to be rewarded, so they are constantly looking for reward programs they can benefit from. Based on how they play their games and the denominations they choose when they play, players of slots take into consideration the perks offered by the casino. And it's simple if they like the perks, they stick around. Now, web based casinos are fighting for slot players as much as the older casinos used to fight to attract customers to the strip casinos in Vegas.

Gaming online takes on a different meaning for slot players and games of chance because unlike poker players or craps players, the slot player is a person in search of a lucky streak. Most of them realize they are playing a game of luck and they understand if they are destined to win a life-changing fortune, it will happen just as easily online as in a land based casino. After all, there are plenty of jackpots to be won regardless of where the person plays!

So, where do players go to find the best perks to enhance their gambling or slot strategy? Most of them browse through online gambling directories or look into the free casino sites that offer tips and information. These players realize that some of the best resources for slot machines are provided through affiliate gambling sites. There, they can gain a wealth of information and use it to gain coupon codes, bonuses, perks, and rewards. They may even hit the jackpot!

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